IVF Center for fertility – Los Angeles

IVF Center for Fertility in Los Angeles

We are a leading infertility treatment center in the Los Angeles area and we fully understand the mental condition of couples dealing with infertility. Located right in the middle of the Melrose Avenue, we are open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. You can e-mail us at: info@surrogacyivf.com for appointment.
Infertility is increasing alarmingly, unfortunately, many couples think this is the end of the road for them. For many of them taking the right decision on getting infertility treatment is not easy. We are always there to help. We understand couples in such circumstances are looking for a trustworthy companion who can help instill their lost confidence. We have the best doctors who with their guidance, personal care and state-of-the-art technology will help the couples to materialize their dream.

Our primary objectives

Our motto is to provide the most advanced treatment facilities related to infertility. We specialize in IVF along with the other related surgeries like egg donation, surrogacy and other procedures. We have a dedicated team who are always looking for innovative treatment procedures for fertility treatment. We believe, it is important to talk with the couples individually to determine their problems which make it easier for us to offer them the best treatment suggestions. Couples dealing with infertility commonly suffer from issues like depression, low self-esteem, stress and anxiety. We are committed to build a trustworthy relationship with our patients and ensure they are mentally agile to undergo treatment.

The IVF procedure

The IVF treatment is the undoubtedly the best and most successful assisted reproductive technology. This treatment is performed on cycles and each cycle includes inducing ovulation with the help of fertility medicines, egg retrieval, fertilizing the egg in a lab and lastly the transfer of the embryos to the uterus. We perform the procedure with various techniques so that the likelihood of a successful pregnancy is guaranteed (More info on IVF procedure here: http://americanpregnancy.org/infertility/in-vitro-fertilization )

Eligible candidates for IVF

Many believe IVF is a treatment procedure solely for those dealing with infertility. However, any woman having issues like ovulation malfunctioning, problems in the fallopian tubes, pelvic inflammatory disease, recurrent miscarriage and even male factor infertility or any related conditions can undergo IVF treatment. We thoroughly review the health history of the candidate thoroughly which lets us give a better idea whether IVF is going to be a suitable treatment for them. If you are not fit for IVF, you may also consider Tubal reverdal(more info on tubal reversal here: http://www.thibodauxgynob.com/tubal-reversal-surgery )

Description of the IVF procedure

We schedule the IVF treatment according to the suitability of our patients. Before beginning the actual treatment, the woman will have to prepare herself. We perform this in a way that is most convenient to the woman. One of our methods involves suppressing the hormones and then initiates the fertility medicines. We explain this procedure as a pre-IVF treatment to our patients. We will inject medicines that will regulate the hormone functions. Consequently, another blood work will be performed by us to ensure the hormone levels have dropped to the necessary levels. During this period we will need to perform several blood tests and give injections accordingly. After the final round of injections, we schedule the egg collection within 36 hours. The duration and the amount of hormone-suppressing injections will vary from one patient to the other.

When we commence the IVF treatment the first step would be to join the egg and sperm in our labs. Then we preserve the fertilized egg to grow in an extremely protected environment. Here, the eggs are preserved for the embryos to develop. Generally, it takes around 5 days for an embryo to grow. Once the desired growth is achieved, we initiate the procedure of transferring the eggs to the uterus of the woman. The transferring procedure is rather simple and is very similar to having a pap smear.

Sometimes, we need to wait a bit longer before we transfer the eggs in case the sperm quality of the male partner is severely compromised. We need to perform one more procedure known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) where the sperm is directly injected into each of the eggs. There has been a substantial increase in the cases of male factor infertility, therefore, this procedure has now almost become indispensable.

Benefits of IVF treatment

Needless to say, the ability to achieve a successful pregnancy is the most obvious benefit. Additionally, we also educate our patients on the other advantages that include restricting the chance of passing on genetic conditions, give women the opportunity to save their eggs and also help non-traditional families to conceive. The other benefits include addressing the male infertility factors and our specialized team can also check the chromosomes present in the embryos thoroughly. Most importantly, since the embryos are already created the sperm does not require finding its way in the woman’s reproductive tract.

Risks of IVF treatment

Though we assure our patients of minimal risks as the entire procedure is performed by renowned experts, yet there are some risks. We clearly reveal these to our patients at the beginning. Any surgical procedure bears surgery-related risks and side effects additionally the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and miscarriage can occur (More info on IVF Risks here: http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/in-vitro-fertilization/details/risks/cmc-20207080 )

Post IVF treatment

We suggest our patients take complete rest once the IVF procedure is over. In the days to come the woman must regularly take the hormone injections to increase the chances of pregnancy. We also emphasize our patients to stick to a healthy lifestyle and diet during the treatment period.

The costs and success of IVF procedure

We make our patients understand that IVF is not a magic procedure; it does not guarantee successful pregnancy. However, it definitely boosts the chances considerably, which was otherwise impossible. Our IVF center has been able to maintain a good rate of success so far. There are several factors like age, health conditions etc that can interfere a successful pregnancy.  We also understand IVF treatment can be expensive for many. Therefore, we have designated specific treatment plans for couples.  We try our best to minimize the total number of cycles so that the cost of treatment gets reduced. Lastly, we also have flexible financing options; we solely believe money should not become a constraint for the couples who are desperate for a baby.